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CL-100 Clarity Meter


Clarity Meter

Zebedee® CL-100 Clarity Meter is an instrument created to measure the transparency of plastic film, sheeting, glass, plexiglass, and wherever distinctness of image is important.

Careful detail in the production of all mechanical, optical, and electronic assemblies insure the highest quality available. Simplicity of design allows for virtually maintenance-free operation. Calibration and operation are simple and straight forward allowing for a wide range of users.

The CL-100 is self contained and ready for immediate plug-in use. It is especially adaptable for laboratory use in product development, quality assurance, research, and competitive testing.
  • Large, easy to read LED display
  • Ultra-stable power supply
  • Options allowing several computer interface configurations
  • Fully supported and serviced by qualified personnel
  • Vacuum and mechanical sample holder
  • Simple calibration and operation allowing for a wide range of users
  • Conforms to ASTM D-1746 "Transparencey of Plastic Sheeting"
  • Zebedee® two-year warranty

Clarity refers to the optical distinctness with which an object can be seen when viewed through a film. In the manufacture of sheeting or film, the quantitative assessment of clarity is just as important as that of haze

Clarity depends upon the linearity of the passage of light rays through the material. Small deflections of the light, caused by scattering centers of the material, bring about a deterioration of the image. These deflections are much smaller than those registered in haze measurements. While haze measurements depend upon wideangle scattering, clarity is determined by small-angle scattering. Wide and small angle scattering are not directly related to each other. By this, we mean that haze measurements cannot provide information about the clarity of the specimen and vice versa.


The Zebedee® CL-100 light bench and optical supporting structures are fabricated from an excellent grade of aluminum. The custom optical components are manufactured under the strictest conditions. The electronic assemblies are chosen especially for straightforward design and dependability. All wiring connections are made at numbered terminal strips in accordance with NEC. The heavy gauge steel exterior cover offers an attractive, but tough, satin-black, washable finish.

Standard Features

  • 115 v.a.c. operation
  • Vacuum and mechanical sample holder
  • Built-in power supply
  • Programmable digital meter
  • Pivoting LED display
  • Removeable power cord with grounded plug
  • Calibration and operation manual
  • Spare long-life source lamp
  • Spare power fuse
  • Zebedee® two-year warranty
Optional Features

  • 220 v.a.c. 50-60 Hz operation
  • Options allowing several computer interface configurations
  • Vacuum pump for use with vacuum sample holder

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