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CL-100 Clarity Meter


Zebedee® CL-100 Clarity Meter is an instrument created to measure the transparency of plastic film, sheeting, glass, plexiglass, and wherever distinctness of image is important.

Careful detail in the production of all mechanical, optical, and electronic assemblies insure the highest quality available. Simplicity of design allows for virtually maintenance-free operation. Calibration and operation are simple and straight forward allowing for a wide range of users.

The CL-100 is self contained and ready for immediate plug-in use. It is especially adaptable for laboratory use in product development, quality assurance, research, and competitive testing.

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RFC-20 Rotary Film Cutter


Zebedee® RFC-20 Rotary Film Cutter is the answer to speed, accuracy and reproducibility in sample preparation. Suitable for use anywhere thin sample material needs to be cut into rectangular strips of varying lengths up to 14" and widths adjustable instantly in 1/2" increments.

The unique design lends itself to safe, simple and straightforward operation allowing for a wide range of users.

The RFC-20 provides the latest in high-quality machine design far exceeding the safety, speed and accuracy of manual straight edge cutting blocks, die cutters and single or multiple blade shear cutters.

The Zebedee® RFC-20 Rotary Film Cutter is self-contained and ready for immediate use in a wide variety of sample preparation applications

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